Husband Suing Ex-Wife Over 1,200-Pair Shoe Collection

A man is suing his ex-wife because he says she kept him in the dark about her extensive shoe collection, and that it should have been part of their divorce settlement.

Daniel Shak, a hedge fund manager in New York, claims Beth Shak never told him about her stockpile of designer heels when they divorced three years ago. Shak alleges she kept the 1,200 pairs of shoes in a secret room, and now he wants his ex to pay him for his portion of the shoes.

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Beth, a professional poker player who has played in the World Series of Poker, is not only known as a card shark. She's "all in" when it comes to her shoes. She had a "full house" of heels and was included in the documentary "God Save my Shoes" about women and their love affair with footwear. In March, Shak showed her collection to ABC's Paula Faris.

"How could I possibly hide these things? It would be ludicrous, it would be insane," said Shak. "I had a beautiful closet where these things were displayed."

In a written statement to ABC News, Daniel Shak offered this: "I take offense at her statement to other media outlets where she says I am claiming to have no knowledge of her master bathroom closet."

Daniel Shak believes her collection is worth about $1 million, and he's entitled to about 35 percent of that.

"I was a little surprised at him saying he didn't know about things that I never could have afforded to buy on my own," said Beth.

"Technically, under the law, both sides are required to disclose their respective assets in order to settle the divorce," said ABC News legal analyst Dana Cole. "Now clothing typically is not considered an asset. When you have 1,200 pairs of expensive shoes, that may be more debatable."

But in a twist that may come as a surprise to her ex, legal experts said Beth Shak should call his bluff and give him a few hundred pairs of her already-worn size-7 shoes.

Just to give you an idea of how deep her affection for pumps is, she reportedly has an image of a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed on a private area of her body.