Man Kicks Knife Out of Robber's Hand at Florida 7-11 Store


ABC News' Connor Burton reports:

Orange County, Fla. - A customer at an Orlando 7-11 stopped an armed robbery attempt by kicking a knife out of the robber's hand and chasing him out of the store with a wine bottle.

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a white bandana over his face entering the 7-11 and pulling out a knife and demanding money from the customer and the store clerk.

The customer then kicks the knife out of the robber's hand and chases him out of the store while the clerk calls 911.

The brave customer did not want to be identified, but described the details of the incident to ABC News affiliate WFTV.

"I know he wasn't kidding because he came after me," said the customer. "I ain't going to let that dude stab me, so I am like, 'Boom!'"

When asked about the potential danger he was putting himself in, the Good Samaritan said he really didn't think about himself being harmed.

"It is what it is. You know what I am saying? You don't think about it at the time because he's like, 'Yo, robbing the place give me all your money,' and I am like, 'Are you serious?'" the customer said.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department said that a similar event involving a knife wielding robber occurred last month.

The suspect was able to get away with some cash and cigarettes, but this time, thanks to the brave customer, the robber wasn't able to get away with anything.

Police believe that there is a high probability that the same person carried out the two robberies.

No one else was in the store, according to the police, but the surveillance video shows another unidentified man approaching the clerk with items in hand. No injuries were reported.

The Orange County Sheriff department does not have any suspects or leads at this time.