New York Flight Attendant Loses Cool After 5-Hour Plane Delay

A flight attendant on a long-delayed flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport yelled at passengers and used foul language when they complained Monday. Police were called and boarded the plane.

In cellphone footage obtained by the New York Post, American Eagle flight attendant Jose Serrano told passengers they could leave the plane if "anyone has the balls" to do it.

"I don't want to hear anything," Serrano told passengers over the plane's PA system.

American Flight 4607, bound for Raleigh-Durham, was scheduled to leave at 1:25 p.m., but passengers were prevented from boarding until nearly 4 p.m. due to rain delays. The plane was then delayed an additional 40 minutes behind other traffic, and passengers were told the aircraft would return to the gate to be refueled. Passengers deplaned and reboarded at 6 p.m. but were held again on the tarmac.

Passengers began to grumble and Serrano flew off the handle, they told the Post.

"If anyone has the balls to want to get off, I'll let you get off! Get off!" he said, according to witnesses. "I don't care anymore. This is probably my last flight."

Passengers said they were worried Serrano might do something rash and compared his behavior to that of a Jet Blue attendant last year who opened the plane's emergency exit slide and left the plane.

Port Authority cops were called into the cabin and escorted Serrano and several passengers onto the tarmac for questioning. No arrests were made. The flight ultimately canceled after 8 p.m.

American Eagle said the flight was delayed only because of rain, according to reports. The airline does not reimburse passengers for weather delays or cancellations.