Sinkhole Swallows Minibus in China

Heavy rains in China forced a bus driver there to deal with more than just heavy traffic on his morning commute.

The driver instead had to deal with the road itself, namely a 6-foot deep sinkhole that opened up and swallowed his bus whole.

People's Daily Online reports that the driver, who was not identified, was driving Thursday morning in the city of Guilin in China's Guangxi Zhuang region when the sinkhole opened up below his bus. The sinkhole, according to reports, measured 13 feet long, eight feet wide and six feet deep.

The opening occurred without warning and left the bus lying horizontal on the ground, images taken after the accident show.

The driver was said to be the only person in the bus at the time of the collapse. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. His condition at this time is not known.

Heavy rains that deluged the region throughout the week are suspected to have caused the ground to collapse, but police have opened an investigation to determine exactly what happened and contain any possible damage to the surrounding area.