The Weekly Global News Quiz


1) What did Colonel Hassan Hamada do that made headlines?

2) Aung San Suu Kyi addressed both Houses of the British Parliament. Who is the only other woman to have been given that honor?

3) Why was Lesley Brown's death worth a mention?

4) Julian Assange fled to the London embassy of which country?

5) A typhoon in Japan led to the escape of what animals from a Tokyo park?

6) We learned that a gym in Vancouver bans what kind of people?

7) The cultivation of what crop in Afghanistan has plunged 40% over the past four years?

8) Why was American David Hemler living in Sweden for the last 28 years?

9) What did the Duchess of Argyll lose at Glasgow Airport?

10) Who injured a linesman?

11) What did an Olympic torchbearer do, on Day 31 of the relay?

12) Which country led the annual list of failed states?

13) What global cause did Prince William speak about this week?

14) Spiderman creator Stan Lee has created a new superhero in China. What's its name?

15) What were a pair of turtles doing when they were fossilized 47 million years ago?

16) Special birthday questions.

a) Who turned 70? b) Who turned 67? c) Who turned 30?


1) He flew his Mig jet from Syria to Jordan - the first Syrian Air Force pilot to defect.

2) Queen Elizabeth II.

3) She was the first person to have a child using in-vitro fertilization.

4) Ecuador.

5) Squirrels - 30 of them. Fun pictures here

6) Body Exchange in Vancouver bans skinny people - providing gym facilities in what it calls a 'safe haven' for overweight clients.

7) Poppy.

8) Hemler was a U.S. Air Force deserter who lived secretly in Sweden from 1984 until he revealed his identity this week.

9) A diamond tiara worth an estimated $200,000. (Rather than return the missing jewels the airport sold them, donated the proceeds to charity, but never reported the lost items to the police. The Duchess only spotted her jewelry in a catalog at a local auction house.)

10) Argentinian tennis star David Nalbandian.

11) He proposed to his eight-months pregnant girlfriend. David State, 25, knelt as he asked Christine Langham, 27, to marry him. She accepted.

12) Somalia.

13) Ending the illegal trade in rhino horn. He called those who take part in it "ignorant, selfish and wrong".

14) "The Annihilator." He's a young Chinese man forced to leave China only to return later to help save his country.

15) The turtles were killed while having sex - buried in the lakebed sediments and locked away in geological time.

16) a) Paul McCartney b) Aung San Suu Kyi c) Prince William