Tonight on "ABC World News": Univision's Jorge Ramos Talks to Diane Sawyer About the Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration

The following is a transcript of Diane Sawyer's conversation with Univision's Jorge Ramos, which aired tonight on "World News with Diane Sawyer."

ABC's DIANE SAWYER: Jorge what mean for our shared audience tonight?

UNIVISION's JORGE RAMOS: I think this is very disappointing and very dangerous. This is a very sad day for the Hispanic community when the Supreme Court allows a state like Arizona to use racial profiling as a rule - we know that we really need immigration reform right now. The Hispanic community as expected didn't like show me your papers provision and this will only create more persecution and discrimination in Arizona and many other states.

It's difficult to believe that the immigration law in Arizona could be example for other states in the country and it's even more difficult to believe that Sheriff Joe Arapaio could become role model for other law enforcement agencies, it is completely unreal.

SAWYER: Tell me some of the personal stories you are hearing from people about their experience with this and what they expect to happen now - what they are doing.

RAMOS: Well, the last hope is gone. Many people were expecting a positive decision from the Supreme Court and it's gone. So it means that right now they have to take cover and that essentially, for many people, means leaving Arizona going into other states.

This is not the kind of United States that we thought of when we were immigrating from Mexico, Central America to the United States. This is not the kind of country that we expected and this is exactly what we are seeing.

So we really need major immigration reform and both parties are to blame for that inaction in Congress, but right now what I'm listening to from e-mails and phone calls from talking to people in Arizona, is fear and fear of persecution in the future.

SAWYER: Thank you so much Jorge Ramos, as we say our friends and partners at Univision and it's great to talk to you tonight.

RAMOS: Thank you Diane.