Warriors' Coach Mark Jackson Target of Extortion by Stripper

Golden State Warriors' head coach Mark Jackson has revealed he had more than just rebounds and one-on-one defense on his mind in his first season as an NBA head coach.

Jackson was also working with the FBI to stop an alleged extortion plot involving a former stripper whom the married father-of-four once dated, according to Jackson and the team. It was first reported by the Smoking Gun.

Alexis Adams, a 28-year-old former stripper, and co-conspirator Marcus Shaw, 40, were arrested and charged earlier this week in the extortion plot involving private photos and "phone recordings" Jackson sent to Adams.

Jackson, 47, had an extramarital affair with Adams six years ago while he was working as a commentator covering the New Jersey Nets and she was working at a gentleman's club in New York. He ended the affair after less than a year and told his wife of 16 years, Desiree, who stayed with him, court records show.

Jackson said in a written statement released by the Warriors that the extortion began in April when a man he did not know, later identified as Shaw, approached him during a Warriors road trip in Memphis, Tenn., to play the Grizzlies and demanded a "substantial sum of money" to keep the photos and voicemail recordings out of the tabloids. Jackson paid $5,000 according to court documents but now calls it a "terrible lapse in judgment and a course of action I would not recommend to anyone."

Two weeks later, according to Jackson, Shaw emailed Desiree to demand additional money.

In response to the second demand, according to court documents, "V1? wrote: "I thought we took care of this in Memphis…You know I value my reputation…I will give you $200,000 to keep this quiet."

Afraid the information would get out, Jackson told his employer, the Warriors, who instructed him to contact the FBI.

With Jackson's permission, the FBI began monitoring emails between Jackson and Shaw, whom they tracked down through an IP address, according to court documents.

Cell phone records connected Shaw to Adams, FBI records show, including one text message from Adams that said, "Concentrate and f- him up! He is a fake ass man of god."

In addition to his head coach role, where he led the Warriors to a 23-43 record this season, Jackson is also an ordained minister. He and his wife established a non-denominational congregation three years ago in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys which they still lead today.

In his written statement Thursday, Jackson included the Bible quote, "What goes on in the dark, will come out in the light."

He also apologized for his actions and asked for forgiveness.

"With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my Church Family. I was wrong. We must live Holy," he wrote. "I apologize for any embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends and, of course, the Warriors."

The charges against Adams and Shaw were filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, where they live.

Adams was charged with conspiracy to commit extortion. She is free on $25,000 bond

Shaw was charged with extortion and was still being held in prison. He was convicted of aggravated robbery in 1996 and arrested in 2005 for murder, robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping, although those charges were later dismissed.