Bloomberg Vs. Booze: Will Mayor Take on Alcohol Use?

James Devaney/FilmMagic/Getty Images

NEW YORK -Mayor Mike Bloomberg is famous for curbing the city's smoking, soda, and greasy food habits with legislation, but New Yorkers are now wondering whether Bloomberg has set his next target on a different vice: alcohol.

A 50-question survey focusing on New Yorkers' drinking habits is being formulated by the Department of Health, and will be used to try and understanding alcohol use and abuse in the city through telephone surveys, according to the mayor's office.

A spokesman for Bloomberg said that the office is not currently working on any reform or legislation, and that the Health department surveys New Yorkers about health topics frequently.

"The focus of what they ask is about underage drinking. They're working on the survey. There is no legislation at this time, they're working to get a handle on what is happening primarily with underage drinking," said Mark Lavorgna.

Bloomberg has previously introduced legislation banning New Yorkers from smoking in bars and public places, banning the use of trans fats in food preparation, forcing restaurants to post calorie counts on advertised food items, and limiting the size of soft drinks to 16 oz. in restaurants and convenience stores.

All but the soda ban has been passed into law.