Twin Sisters Give Birth on Same Day

Zaakira Mitchell, left, and Shaakira White, twin sisters who gave birth on the same day. WOLO-TV image.

Zaakira Mitchell and Shaakira White, both 20, didn't plan to get pregnant within weeks of each other, nor did they ever expect to become mothers on the same day. But on July 24, that is exactly what happened.

Mitchell, whose due date was July 26, elected to be induced July 24 and arrived at Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, accompanied by her twin sister.

White, due on August 16, had scheduled a check-up that day and told her doctor she had been having contractions that morning.

"We checked to make sure she wasn't going into early labor. Well, not only was she going into early labor, she was five to six centimeters dilated," said Dr. David Ferguson, who was both physician to both sisters.

White, who had gone to the hospital to support her sister, was soon being prepared for a cesarean section.

"The whole thing was very exciting. All of a sudden all this family who had been there for Zaakira were suddenly there for Shaakira as well," said Dr. Ferguson.

Mitchell gave birth to a boy, Kadin, just one hour before White gave birth to twins, Landon and London.

"Once we were assured Zaakira was stable after her delivery, we went right from there prepping Shaakirah," said Dr. Ferguson.

The sisters said they were thrilled that all three cousins would share the same birthday.

"She's my best friend so for us to share this, it was really special and it was really emotional," Mitchell told ABC affiliate WOLO.