Bears Break in to Cabin, Drink More Than 100 Cans of Beer

(Image Credit: Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Four bears walk into a cabin. This sounds like the start of the kind of joke that usually involves a bar, right? Well, there's no bar in this story, but there's lots and lots of beer.

A mother bear and her three cubs are believed to have smashed their way into a Norwegian cabin and knocked back more than 100 cans of beer.

The thirsty creatures went on a rampage, according to The Local, an English-language news website in Norway,

In addition to the beer, they also ate up all the food in the house, including honey (naturally), chocolate spread and marshmallows.

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The animals reportedly made their way into the cabin by ripping through a wall. They demolished the kitchen appliances, cupboards and shelves.

"They had a hell of a party in there," owner Even Borthen Nilsen told NRK, according to the Local.

Nilsen told the local daily that the cabin smelled of urine, trash and bears.

"The entire cabin was destroyed," he said.

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