Giant Sinkhole Grows in Brooklyn, Swallows Car

Talk about living on the edge. When Annette Flood walked out her front door to walk her dog Wednesday night, she was shocked by what she saw in the street.

"I was coming home from work and we parked the car. Normally we're in the driveway but my daughter just pulled to the curb. I put the leash on the dog and we walked out the door. When we opened the door we said 'Oh!' We just missed it. The car was just hanging in the hole," Flood told ABC News.

A giant sinkhole opened up around 6pm Wednesday on her street in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y, almost swallowing her parked car.

The 20-foot-deep by 20-foot-wide hole formed after a water line broke beneath the street.

"It was big, it's big. There was no dirt beneath the street. None. Once that cracked it was all gone," Flood said.

The fire department promptly arrived on the scene and was able to rescue her dangling car from getting completely engulfed in the hole.

"The fire department did get it out. First they were talking a crane, then a back hoe, but the FDNY got it out. It was amazing," said Flood.

Luckily, Flood and her daughter had gotten out of the car just in time before the sinkhole started cracking.

"We could have actually been sitting in the car, which to me is actually worse. That was scary," Flood said.

Crews are expected to work all weekend to fill the hole and replace sewer pipes.

No injuries were reported from the incident, and Flood is keeping a positive attitude about her car almost getting swallowed. Aside from needing a few repairs at the mechanic, she said the worst part about the whole situation was losing a little sleep.

"We're tired, they were jack hammering all night," Flood said.