Animated Tower in Switzerland Comes to Life

This mesmerizing video of the " Animated Tower" has gone viral since it was originally posted to YouTube on Sept. 10.

With upwards of 338,000 views, it's hard to turn away from the almost five-minute-long production of people opening and closing windows to create intricate patterns and designs on the 11-story HESAV (High School Health Vaud) tower in Switzerland.

The artistic animation was created by NOTsoNOISY artist Guillaume Reymond, along with 110 students, staff and friends of the University of Health Sciences, which according to its website, is the "most important site for healthcare education of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland."

The site continues, "As a school of higher professional education, HESAV collaborates with regional, national and international partners, in the fields of clinical professionalisation, research and education. It plays an active role in the intellectual, scientific and economical development of the town of Lausanne, the canton of Vaud and the French-speaking part of Switzerland."

And judging from the video, these students are pretty smart to pull off such a synchronized, well-timed stunt.

The video's description explains the Animated Tower is a "big architectural and human performance" where "the 11 floors of the tower have a rudimentary HESAV animated pixilated screen."

Apparently the video was created to announce the celebration of " Fait Ses 400 Coups " (or in the English translation, "all about 400 shots") where the school celebrates its 10 years of existence with a week of festivities from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8.