Big Stink At Gym About Actor's B.O.

Actor Shawn Morales may like to show off his buff bod on TV, but they won't be looking at it at Gold's Gym in downtown Los Angeles anymore.

Morales claims the gym has revoked his membership because of his body odor.

Morales, who regularly appears in his underwear as a member of the Pit Crew on the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, said he was informed on Aug. 29 that he is no longer welcome at the Gold's Gym in downtown Los Angeles.

"2day I was told by an employee at @GoldsGym that they are going to REVOKE my membership because "10 members have complained about my BO"…?" Morales tweeted.

He later wrote: "of course I can smell my self but obviously it doesn't bother me or my friends. Re: deodorant…I just don't like wearing it."

A message left for Gold's Gym was not immediately returned, however the code of conduct posted online for one of their gyms states that "Good personal hygiene is a must."

The buff actor has a plethora of other options for keeping fit in Los Angeles.

"try 24hr fitness," a fan on his Facebook page suggested. "u can work out at 2a.m all alone."