Love at First Sight?: Dentist Hopes to Find Mystery Woman Again in Ireland

(Image Credit: ABC News)

Canadian dentist Sandy Crocker is hoping fate, and a little help from the media, will help him find the dream girl he met in Ireland last summer.

Crocker has given himself one month to find the woman he briefly spoke with in a cafe in the Irish countryside.

The only problem? He doesn't know her name or where she is from. Crocker's description of her isn't exactly helpful, either.

She's about 5-foot-6 and has reddish brown hair and freckles, common features in the Emerald Isle.

The lovesick 34-year-old insisted he doesn't fall in love easily, but said there was something captivating about this mystery woman.

"[She]was one of those people that I felt just wore their inside on the outside. When you looked at them you instantaneously knew that they were a good person without question," he told "Good Morning America" this morning.

That two minute encounter stuck with him all year and was enough to get the Canadian to travel 4,000 miles in his quest for love.

"It is just a situation where if you didn't come and do it and see if you could find the girl, 50 years down the road you'd regret it," he said.

If that mystery woman sees this, Crocker said he'd tell her to "read all the nice words I wrote about her."

"Forget about the media and whatever everybody else is trying to make it be," he said. "What if I had said this tomorrow, yesterday a year ago? How would it make you feel? And if you think you want to contact me, I'd love to hear from you."