Nude Model Drops Suit Against New York City

(Image Credit: William C Lopez/Splash News)

A nude model agreed to settle her lawsuit for false arrest against New York City today for $15,000.

Zoe West, 22, was taken into custody for several hours on Aug. 30, 2011, after officers cuffed the 5-foot-2 model at a body-painting exhibition in Times Square.

Public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it is part of a play, performance or exhibition, said West's lawyer, Ron Kuby.

"There was no disruption. There was no problem with anybody except a sergeant, who either due to the heat or all that girl flesh, seemed to be taken aback," Kuby said.

Just as artist Andy Golub applied his final strokes to West's body, officers, who had been watching for more than an hour, according to Kuby, informed West they were taking her into custody.

"In order to determine she was fully nude, the police ended up looking for a very long time and got very close. I've gone on dates where I haven't gotten that close," Kuby told "How long are you going to stare at her crotch? Apparently, the answer is quite a long time."

The New York City Law Department declined to comment on the case.

Kuby called the suit reasonable and said it was a "gentle slap on the knuckles" for police to not arrest people for artistic forms of nudity.

"It's a great day in New York where a naked model can be paid $15,000 to drop her suit," he said.