Traffic Fine Paid With 137 Origami Pigs

137 Origami Pigs/YouTube

A miffed motorist who received a $137 traffic ticket stuck it to the police when he paid the fine with 137 origami pigs made of $1 bills in a couple of Dunkin' Donuts boxes.

With a phone propped in his shirt pocket to record the transaction, a man that uses that moniker "Bacon Moose" on YouTube arrived to make a municipal court payment for a ticket that he thought was unfair. The video does not indicate the man's name, the court jurisdiction or when the fine was paid.

"I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd red light cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that's it. I decided to pay in an appropriate manner - 137 origami pig $1 bills, put in a pair of dozen Dunkin' Donuts boxes," he wrote on YouTube.

In the video, which has now been viewed over 180,000 times on YouTube, "Bacon Moose" approaches the counter, where an office worker tries to accept the payment for the ticket, only to find that it presented in a very unique fashion. He refuses to accept it as "Bacon Moose" insists that its legal tender.

"I understand that, but the way that you have it folded, I'm not going to sit here and unfold all of that," the employee says.

"Bacon Moose" continued to protest, insisting that his payment be accepted.

"How different is this then if I had crumpled bills in my pocket? I am offering you to pay in cash right now. I would have paid by card, but you offer a 5 percent fee for that," he said.

The officer worker is baffled.

"Why would you do that? Times are tough. Why would you take the time to fold all of these up?" the employee asks.

Eventually, the clerk brings over a uniformed police officer to assess the situation. That officer quite politely asks "Bacon Moose" to step over to the counter and unfold the bills.

"Bacon Moose" finally agrees. Moments later in the clip, it suddenly dawns on that officer what he is looking at.

"Little piggies in a donut box! I got it, I got it!" he laughs.

Eventually while counting the bills, the officer worker begins to see the humor, particularly as "Bacon Moose" identifies one of the origami pigs as Admiral Ackbacon, the sole survivor of a great pig massacre of 2012.

"I will give you props," the clerk says. "You have made me laugh for the day. I will give you mad props on you taking your time to do each and every one of these."

"Bacon Moose" added a title to the clip noting that it took eight minutes to count the money, but it only took three minutes to unfold it. He notes that he lost track after four hours of how long it took him to fold all the dollar bills. He documented the process here.