TRANSCRIPT: David Muir's Interview with Gov. Mitt Romney in Toledo, Ohio

"ABC World News" Weekend Anchor David Muir spoke with Gov. Mitt Romney today in Toledo, Ohio. Below is a transcript of the interview which is aired tonight on "ABC World News with Diane Sawyer" and tomorrow morning on "Good Morning America."

DAVID MUIR: Governor, thank you for doing this, the crowd is waiting for you. Let me just ask you - you've seen the polls in Florida and Ohio and I'm curious what you would say to some of your supporters tonight, your donors who might be concerned that this could be slipping away.

GOV. ROMNEY: Well I'm very pleased with some polls, less so with other polls, but frankly at this early stage, polls go up, polls go down. We have the chance during our debates to make our message clear to the American people, and I'm absolutely convinced when the people see the two of us talking about our direction for America, they're going to support me because I know what it takes to get this economy going again, and the President has proven he does not.

MUIR: There are some who believe that these polls are just now a reflection of that videotape last week. You were talking to donors, talking about the 47%, and you know on the tape you said "my job is not to worry about those people, I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility" and I'm curious who exactly you were talking about there.

ROMNEY: Well, I think as you look at the national polls, you see that I'm tied in the national polls, both Gallup and Rasmussen have the numbers at even. State-by-state you've got some advertising going on from the Obama people, which expresses their views on my positions, which frankly I think are inaccurate and in some cases dishonest. The advantage I have is to go to the American people and describe how I'm going to get America working again. How some of the things being said about me are not accurate, and mine is a campaign about 100% of the people, not 99 and 1, not any other percent. It's about getting 100% of the people in this country to have a brighter future, better job prospects, and higher take-home pay.

MUIR: But about the people you said you couldn't convince to take greater personal responsibility, those are heavy words…

ROMNEY: What I'm talking about is a political process, I don't' expect to get 100% of the vote, I know I'm not going to get 100%, I hope to get 50 plus percent and make sure that I become the next president. That's what my campaign is focused on. Get those numbers so I could become President and help all the people in the country.

MUIR: We heard from your wife Ann who was responding to criticism from within your own party. I know you have been in the ring before, you've heard it all before, but when you hear your wife that fired up about the incoming fire, I'm curious what you think and what you say to your wife?

ROMNEY: Ann is a very strong character, she doesn't like it when people go after me, but I'm just fine I got broad shoulders. I'm happy to fend off the attacks that come my way and frankly all of this is diversion from what the people of America care about. What they want to know is who is going to make their life better, who is going to make sure we have more jobs, who's going to make sure we have more take home pay. Who is going to keep America strong abroad, who is going to cut our military. The President is. As those questions are asked and answered in the weeks that are here til the final day of November 6th I become the next president because I think the American people believe I can get this economy going and they have seen he can't.

MUIR: But about those critics within your own party, will there be any changes at the top? Are you doing anything wrong?

ROMNEY: There are critics and there are cheerleaders, we have people of all different persuasion, and frankly

MUIR: So no changes?

ROMNEY: Well every day there are improvements and new messages that come out. What the President said just the other day about bumps in the road, with regards to the events in the Middle East, that obviously was a whole new area to be discovered and discussed. And so almost every day it, particularly with debates, there will be a lot of new material that's going to come forward.

MUIR: One last question, you bring up the debate, one week from tonight, a lot of your supporters want to know - are you going to win it?

ROMNEY: I'm going to describe very clearly what I will do to get America working again and the President will describe his own view, and I believe the American people are going to side with me.

MUIR: You've been practicing, any nerves?

ROMNEY: Uh I don't worry about the opportunity to be on the air and to face the president - he has his views, I have mine. I'm going to let the American people make their choice and I think when they do, they're going to choose the guy who understands what it takes to get America working again and I do.