Baby Panda Takes First Steps at San Diego Zoo

We first met this adorable little guy on " Good Morning America" when he was only 47-days-old and had just opened his eyes. Now, the San Diego Zoo's panda cub is 11 weeks old, and getting stronger by the day.

The panda, who still doesn't have a name, took his first steps (or crawls, to be specific) during his routine health exam Thursday. His back legs aren't quite strong enough to support himself entirely on his own yet.

PK Robbins, the attending veterinarian, said he was "like a toddler holding onto the furniture." She also noticed his canine teeth are starting to grow in, and he is beginning to get a distinctive spot on his tail.

The zoo keeps blog posts updating readers on the panda's progress. Jennifer Becerra, a senior zookeeper, wrote Thursday, "This little guy definitely loves the camera, as he was trying to crawl toward our Zoo photographer, during the entire exam, raising one front paw, followed clumsily by the other."

He is 21.6 inches long and weighs 7.2 pounds, which is significantly larger than when he was born to mother, Bai Yun, on July 29.

The cub is the sixth panda to be born at the zoo under a 12-year-agreement with China that included the loan of two giant pandas. And the reason the fuzzy creature doesn't have a name yet is because it's Chinese tradition to wait 100 days before naming newborns.

To watch the baby panda's latest veterinary exam, click here.