Car-Grill Riding Dog Reunited With Owner

Image credit: Courtesy East Providence Animal Control Center

Meet Suzie, the miracle dog who survived an 11-mile ride down the highway after getting hit by a car and becoming trapped in the car's grill. Suzie, a white poodle-Bichon mix, was able to escape the ordeal with only a minor concussion and a few bumps and scratches, and has now been reunited with her owner.

According to the William Muggle, the animal control supervisor in East Providence, R.I., where the dog was rescued, Suzie darted out in front of a Toyota Camry as it was going down Route 44 in Taunton, Mass. The driver who thought he had missed the dog continued along the highway driving 11 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph before another driver flagged him down.

"The dog was wedged in between the license plate and the grill," Muggle told ABC News. "She was just holding on for dear life. She had paws gripped on the edge of the inside of the bumper."

Image credit: Courtesy East Providence Animal Control Center

After a brief stay in the hospital Suzie was sent to the East Providence Animal Control Center where they attempted to find her owner. A couple eventually came forward to claim the dog and after providing paperwork that proved that they were Suzie's owners, were reunited with their tough little pet. The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, was undoubtedly very happy, but not as much Suzie, who was positively delighted to see them.

"The dog was jumping up and down with them and giving kisses," Muggle said "She's kind of like that with everyone but she did it that much more with them. She's a really good dog she pretty much loved everybody."

Muggle and the workers at East Providence Animal Control Center will definitely miss having the adorable pooch around, but that doesn't mean they aren't happy to see her go.

"I'm glad they got a happy ending," Muggle said, "the dog was able to return home with her family"