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Cynthia McFadden's Exclusive Report Airs October 26 At 11:35 pm ET On ABC

McFadden Previews Her Report Friday on "World News with Diane Sawyer" at 6:30 pm ET

A special edition of "Nightline" chronicles a resurgent Ku Klux Klan, with rare access inside Klan groups in both Mississippi and Virginia. Over four months, the "Nightline" team chronicled the reinvigorated white supremacist group, witnessed secretive cross burnings rituals and rallies, met the people beneath the trademark white hoods, and talked to them about their rituals and message of hate. Cynthia McFadden's exclusive report airs on "NIGHTLINE" on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26 (11:35 pm ET) on the ABC Television Network. A portion of McFadden's report will also air on "WORLD NEWS" (6:30 pm ET).

Although the group has traditionally relied on secrecy to flourish, McFadden and her camera crew were welcomed by Steven Howard, the "Grand Dragon" of the Mississippi White Nights of the KKK - the Klavern notorious for its involvement in what is known as the Mississippi Burning case. Howard, a 31-year-old former Marine and Iraq war veteran was presiding over men, women and even children deep in the woods enjoying a barbeque, target practice, the "naturalization" of a new member, and finally, the burning of a 16-foot cross - a ritual that has been used to terrorize blacks and others for decades - all dressed in their signature burlap and white cotton robes. "Nightline" cameras capture these rarely seen and indelible images. Howard speaks to McFadden about the Klan's positions on minority groups in America.

According to Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, which regards itself as the front line in the battle against hate groups, membership in the Klan and other groups like them have almost doubled since 2000.

Jeanmarie Condon is the Executive Producer of "Nightline".

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