Obama's Half-Brother Accused of Abducting Son


NAIROBI, Kenya - President Obama's half brother, who has gained a reputation in Kenya as the family's ne'er-do-well, is making headlines again. George Obama, 30, is being sued by his girlfriend who claims he ran off with their 3-year-old son last month and refuses to return him.

According to a Daily Nation reporter in the Nairobi courtroom, the girlfriend alleges George Obama arrived at her house in the Haruma slum on the boy's birthday, insisting he must take him to buy a present. The girlfriend claims Obama refused to the let the boy's grandmother and aunt go along, forcing them out of his taxi before driving off.

The girlfriend's attorney, John Chigiti, told the court that Obama informed him he wants to the take the child to America. The judge later barred Obama from taking the child out of the country and ordered him to bring the child to a court hearing at the end of the month.

George Obama made headlines this summer for his appearance in the conservative film "2016: Obama's America," which brought in millions of dollars at box offices in the United States. George Obama agreed to an interview with the filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza, who criticized the president for a lack of "brotherly love" because he is not financially supporting his half-brother. George Obama refuses to directly criticize the president in the interview.

D'Souza later admitted to sending $1,000 to George Obama after the interview. He told Fox News the money was to cover medical expenses for Obama's child who was hospitalized with a chest condition, but $1,000 is a whopping sum of money for residents of Haruma slum and far exceeds the typical cost of local hospital care for most treatable childhood chest conditions.

In his 2010 autobiography called "Homeland," George Obama said he was raised in a well-to-do Nairobi suburb and a star pupil at a top boarding school, but his life took a turn at age 15 when he was kicked out of boarding school for drug use and joined a gang.

The president and George Obama were raised by different mothers and neither of them knew their father, Barack Obama Sr., who died when George was still a baby. Separated in age by 20 years, the half-brothers have met twice. Neither George Obama nor his girlfriend's attorney returned calls from ABC News.