Radio Caller Complains About Inconsiderate Deer

Credit: Getty Images

A Fargo, N.D., radio caller seems to be a little confused about deer crossings.

And, you know, whether deer can read highway signs.

The woman identified only as Donna told radio station Y94 The Morning Playhouse she had been involved in three car accidents in the last few years, all involving deer just after she passed a deer crossing sign.

"My frustration is that Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas," she told the radio hosts. "I mean I've even seen them on the interstate. Why are we encouraging deer to cross the interstate? I don't get it."

She goes on to say that she understands deer need to cross the road sometimes, but called encouraging them to cross on highways "so irresponsible." She said she'd written letters to newspapers and TV stations, but no one seemed to want to spread the word on her issue.

As she talks, the radio host is heard saying, "um…"

Donna then comes to the conclusion that moving deer crossings to school crossings would be safer.

"You know deer crossings aren't telling deer that it's safe to cross there," the host says. "Just more of an alert for drivers so they know it's a high deer population."

But Donna doesn't get it.

"They can direct their deer population anywhere they want to by moving that deer crossing sign," she said. "Why in the world would they place it on the highway or the interstate, you know? I mean, god."

The host tells her again that she's misunderstanding, but she still doesn't get it.

"The deer crossing sign is there to tell deer that that's where they need to cross," Donna said.

"Right," the host responded, drawing the word out.

At this point, at least one host is heard quietly giggling. By the time they give up and tell her they'll spread the word about her deer issue and hang up, they let themselves have a real laugh.

And now Donna is a YouTube sensation with more than 5 million hits.

The station aired a follow-up call with Donna this week and uploaded it to YouTube. After the hosts tell her she's famous, she thanks them for being so nice to her.

She said she feels "incredibly stupid," adding she had "no clue" that the signs were for humans.

"In my defense, I grew up in a really small North Dakota town," Donna said.