Texas Hikers 'Weirded Out' by 'Naked Caveman'

(Image Credit: KVIA/ABC News)

Hiking up McKelligon Canyon in El Paso, Texas, people are treated to stunning views, glimpses of wildlife and, unfortunately, they say, by a "naked caveman."

"People are weirded out by him," said a resident of a local apartment complex, who wasn't aware he had been living in the cave until recently.

The man, who says he has resided in his mountain dwelling for three years, has been accused of scaring hikers, stealing clothes and using the laundry room of an apartment complex at the base of the mountain to bathe.

When ABC News' El Paso affiliate, KVIA-TV, paid the man a visit, he denied the allegations.

"That's a lie," he said, refusing to give his name. "If that's true, where's the pictures? If that's true, what tattoos does he have? What is he built like? It's stupidity."

Despite his living arrangements, he showed an impressive grasp of current events, talking to the station about the presidential election, a recently approved ballpark in El Paso and the planned demolition of City Hall.

He said the people who are complaining about him are "busybodies" and that he gets by thanks to the help of strangers and by donating plasma.

"It's a free country," he said.