ABC's 'Day of Giving' to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims: Live Blog

VIDEO: Governor Cuomo discusses ways to donate to hurricane relief and current status of state.

Disney and ABC have teamed up with the American Red Cross for a " Day of Giving" to raise money for hurricane relief efforts. On Monday, starting with " Good Morning America" and ending with "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC shows gave viewers the chance to help those devastated by the storm by making a contribution to the American Red Cross.

Today on "GMA," Josh Elliott announced that ABC viewers had donated a total of $15,663,327 to Sandy relief efforts through the "Day of Giving."

"On behalf of all of us here at ABC, we very very much appreciate it," Elliott said.

The chance to contribute to the Red Cross and add to to that total has not ended, however. Here's how you can still participate:

  • TEXT: Text ABC to 90999 to give a $10 donation to the Red Cross.
  • BY PHONE: Call 1-800-HELP-NOW. This number will bypass all the other menu options and direct your call to Hurricane Sandy relief.

8:30 AM: The grand total is in! More than $16.8 million was raised on ABC and Disney's "Day of Giving" for the American Red Cross to help those impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. It's not too late to give. You can still donate to the Red Cross and make a difference. 12:02AM: Viewers have helped raised $12,663,327 and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $15,663,327 as of 11:30 pm ET.

11:01PM: The new total is $12,349,678 from viewers and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $15,349,678 as of 10:30 pm ET.

10:00PM: We've raised $11,851,911 from viewers and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $14,851,911 as of 9:30 pm ET.

8:47 PM: The new total amount raised by viewers is now $11,276,173 and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $14,276,173 as of 8:30 pm ET.

8:05 PM: Viewers have helped raised $10,189,177 and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $13,189,177 as of 7:30 pm ET.

6:46 PM: The latest total of money raised from viewers is now $10,172,111 and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $13,172,111 as of 6:30 pm ET.

5:50 PM: We've raised $9,105,093 from viewers and with the Samsung match of $3 million, we are now at $12,105,093 as of 5:30 pm ET.

5:00 PM: The new total is $11,468,980 as of 4:30 pm ET. That's $8,468,980 from viewers with the Samsung match of $3 million.

4:30 PM: 1,351,683 customers are still without power in the states affected by Sandy today, according to the Department of Energy. We want to continue to get as many pledges as possible. If you get a busy signal, don't be discouraged. Call back! 3:30 PM: Katie Couric, who pitched in on the "GMA" phone bank this morning, had New Jersey's own Jon Bon Jovi on her talk show, "Katie," today. Bon Jovi, who has been busy raising awareness and working to help affected by the storm in his home state said: "People want to help, but they just don't know how to help or who. …Until we figure out where we can use that help, it's best to donate and cash is king. We have to rebuild entire towns."

3:00 PM: Our latest numbers are in from Red Cross and we've reached $10,735,747 as of 2:30 pm ET. That's $7,735,747 from viewer donations that have come in online, by phone and through text, and includes Samsung's generous $3 million match.

2:25 PM: ABC News reports that electric power is slowly coming back to New York's neighborhoods and parts of New Jersey, but many residents in the storm-ravaged area are still cold, hungry and looking for answers as they enter their second week post-Sandy and brace for a nor'easter set to hit the region this week. Click here for the latest.

1:50 PM: The new total is $10,003,865 as of 1:30 p.m. ET. That's $7,003,865 from viewers, plus the Samsung match of $3 million. Keep the momentum going by making a donation and use the hashtag # DayofGiving on Twitter!

2:25 PM: ABC News reports that electric power is slowly coming back to New York's neighborhoods and parts of New Jersey, but many residents in the storm-ravaged area are still cold, hungry and looking for answers as they enter their second week post-Sandy and brace for a nor'easter set to hit the region this week. Click here for the latest.

1:05 PM: Drum roll please! New numbers are in and we've raised $9,252,461 so far. That's $6,252,461 raised from viewers, plus a generous $3 million match from Samsung.

12:35 PM: Stars signed on to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Country singer Kellie Pickler shared a message for victims of Sandy and encouraged her fans to get involved: "My heart, my prayers and thoughts are going out to all of the hurricane victims. Please donate to ABC's 'Day of Giving,'" she said. So did Kerry Washington from ABC's "Scandal:" "We have all been so moved by all of the images of the impact of Hurricane Sandy up and down the East Coast. And if you've been wondering what you can do about it, like I have, join us today for ABC's 'Day of Giving.' Give to those who have survived this awful hurricane and storm. Give from your heart, give all that you can." Watch more of the celebrity message here.

12:05 PM: If you missed "GMA" this morning, check out the ABC News faces who manned the phone bank. (Everyone from Barbara Walters to Snooki to Ben Stiller and Grover from "Sesame Street" was there!) Click here for photos.

11:50 AM: New numbers are in from the Red Cross and as of 11:30 AM ET, we've raised $5,340,457. Let's keep it up!

11:00 AM: Here's the new total. As of 10:30 AM ET, we've raised $4,729,325. Now the women of "The View" are up, giving you another chance to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy battle back and rebuild their lives.

10: 00 AM: The new numbers are in and as of 9:30 AM ET, we've raised $3,901,342. That includes generous donations from Barbara Walters, George Stephanopoulos, Mark Cuban, and Dwyane Wade.

ABC/Lou Rocco

9:33 AM: Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan took time out of their special "Halloween Hurricane Telethon" show on "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" to promote the "Day of Giving" message. Let's keep the momentum going!

9: 00 AM : The new totals are in and we are now up to $3,116,742. This includes a generous donation from Mark Cuban of ABC's "Shark Tank." "There's not a day that goes by where I don't count my blessings of living in the greatest country in the world," he said. "We all have our dreams, our ambitions, our goals, but sometimes we are cut short by tragedies. I hope you'll join in me in providing support to ABC's 'Day of Giving' and helping out those who need it."

PHOTOS: ABC's 'Day of Giving': Stars Man the Phone Bank

8:56 AM: ABC News' Barbara Walters has donated $250,000 to the Red Cross and George Stephanopoulos has made a contribution of $50,000. Follow their lead!

8:50 AM: The stars of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning hit musical, Broadway's "Jersey Boys," are performing a medley all in the spirit of giving to those who need it most.

8:40 AM: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just called in to "GMA" and said restoring power to the 700,000 people in New York state who are still without power and getting food and clean-up materials to victims are a top priority. The silver lining for the storm? Cuomo said: "The silver lining for this storm if you will is the spirit of community all across this state. I have people from upstate New York coming down to help people from down state. We have people from all across this country who are just driving in. People from the Midwest, people from the South, who saw it on TV and just go t in their cars and said we wanted to come up and see how we can help. We are all neighbors and we want to be there one for the other. It's really heartwarming. People feel at least they are not alone, that people care. And that means so much."

8:32 AM: Calling all "Jersey Shore" fans! Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is on the "GMA" phone bank. "Seaside is like my second home, so thank you so much for having me here. I donated a lot of clothes," the "Jersey Shore" star said. "Nov. 15, my 'Jersey Shore' cast mates and I, we are going to have a benefit on MTV …to help the business get back together in Seaside. We are trying to do everything I can."

ABC/Lou Rocco

8:25 AM: ABC News' Katie Couric is answering your calls live on "GMA." She's already taken calls from two people from Ohio, someone from Charlotte and Nashville.

The one and only Barbara Walters has been manning the phone bank for an hour and has fielded a call from a veteran of Desert Storm who gave $25, she said. A woman on social security disability also gave $30. "People have told me they will open their houses. People in Michigan said, 'If you need a room, we'll give you a room,'" Walters said on "GMA." "I don't want another storm, but if only we could have this feeling all year long."

8:24 AM: You can watch live coverage of the "GMA Telethon" for ABC's "Day of Giving" here from 8 to 9AM:

8:20 AM: If you are calling 1-800-HELP-NOW and having trouble getting through, please keep trying. A message from the Red Cross: "Please note that phone lines across America are already seeing tremendous activity due to the final push by candidates before Tuesday's election. This is one of the busiest days for phones in America on top of the tremendous support we will see from the ABC network viewers. If you cannot get through to a representative immediately please wait and try again. Phone lines will be open all day today. We are grateful for any support you can give to the American Red Cross and your patience as you connect with our representative. Thank you."

8:07 AM: ABC News' Juju Chang spoke to hurricane victims in the beachfront community of Rockaway in Queens, N.Y., and asked what they really the most right now to get their lives back on track. The four things Chang overwhelming heard: porta potties because there's no running water, generators to pump out the flood waters, flashlights and batteries, and cleaning supplies. FEMA say the best thing to do is not to send these items out, but to contribute to groups on the ground like the Red Cross to get storm victims what the need.

8:05 AM: Our partner Samsung has really stepped up today and will match viewer donations dollar for dollar up to $3 million. All the more reason to be generous, Sam Champion just announced on "GMA."

8:00 AM: "GMA" anchor Robin Roberts, who is home recovering from her September bone marrow transplant, shared a special message this morning to the victims of Sandy. After the damage her home state of Mississippi has suffered in recent years, Roberts' heart is with all of those affected by the storm.

Here's her message in full: "It was so difficult for me to follow doctor's orders and stay here at home last week. Like so many I felt helpless watching all those people, all those families, impacted by Sandy. I know what it's like to see your hometown virtually wiped out because I remember the day after Katrina, Hurricane Katrina, being there my beloved home state of Mississippi, walking in the rubble. The coastline unrecognizable. Family members were displaced for months. It took over a year for us to get back in the family home. I also vividly remember so many people coming up to me and asking me the same question: 'Does the rest of the country know?' 'Do they know what happened to us?' 'Does anyone care?' And that is why today, this 'Day of Giving' is so meaningful. Please give whatever you can, any amount is greatly appreciated. If you can't make a donation, please consider giving in other ways. Your time, volunteering, taking a moment to say a prayer, sending positive energy, positive thoughts to all those that have been affected by Sandy. Let them know we care by giving whatever we can. Bless you and thank you." 7:50 AM: The latest numbers are in from the Red Cross and so far, we've raised $1,940,923. Our "Day of Giving" follows a $2 million donation from the Walt Disney Company for relief and rebuilding efforts - half of which went to the Red Cross.

7:39 AM: Actor Michael Douglas sent in a message, encouraging everyone to contribute to help Sandy victims: "As an easterner, I was particularly upset about the destruction of Sandy. So many people out there don't have a generator, don't have water, power, electricity, communication. They need your help. So please, today, ABC's Day of Giving, give whatever you can." Click here to see more stars' messages.

7:30 AM: There are even some celebrity guests standing by to take your call. Ben Stiller and Tony Danza are manning the phones. Call 1-800-HELP-NOW!

PHOTOS: Sandy's Wide Swath of Destruction

7:00 AM: " Good Morning America" kicked off the effort this morning and found a few famous ABC News faces to work the phone bank this morning, including Barbara Walters, Brian Ross and Bianna Golodryga.

Hurricane Sandy has affected millions along the East Coast, causing massive devastation and destruction and in its wake. Recovery efforts are underway as emergency crews scramble to get supplies to the hardest-hit communities, but many estimate that the relief effort may be the most expensive in U.S. history.

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