British Couple, Kids, Live in Cemetery in Converted Mortuary

Would you go trick-or-treating in a cemetery for Halloween?

Well, Jayne Stead and Mike Blatchford admit that trick-or-treaters steer clear of the converted mortuary chapel in the center of a cemetery where they live with their three teenage children.

"Nobody has ventured down here for trick-or-treating," Stead, of Southampton, a town located in Hampshire in the south of England, said, according to the Daily Mail in Britain.

Unsuspecting visitors have been startled by the family's presence in the cemetery.

"You get people peering in to the windows of the chapel and when they see us watching television, they jump a million miles," Stead told the newspaper.

Stead and Blatchford bought the home - a former mortuary and graveyard keeper's lodge that dates back to the 1800s - six years ago because they fell in love with it.

Blatchford, a builder, modernized the interior, but photos of the exterior show the structure doesn't appear to have been changed much from when it was first built.

Despite its appearance - the gray stone building faces several gravestones - Stead said her family isn't spooked.

She added that their home has a "nice feeling," although she acknowledged that strange things have happened, the paper also reported.

"I've been sitting on my own in the living room and I've felt like there was someone standing behind me a few times," she said. "I've also found the dog barking at nothing in the corner of the room, but it's not scary."