John McAfee, Running From Cops, Drops F-Bomb on Live TV

John McAfee, the computer security mogul on the run from Belizean police who want to question him about a murder, lobbed an f-bomb on live television today while explaining why he thinks he's being targeted by corrupt authorities.

In a telephone interview with CNBC, McAfee recounted an incident before the murder investigation in which dozens of Belizean officers allegedly stormed his compound, arrested him, detained him for hours, and then let him go without charges. When the CNBC anchor asked McAfee why he thought the police had done that, McAfee said it was because he "does not play by the rules."

McAfee said he pumps millions into the local economy, but said, "I don't do it by giving to the government and letting them dole it out because if I give $5 million to the government, $10,000 goes to the people and $4 million plus change goes into the pockets of the politicians. I give directly to the people. And I have been doing this all along."

"I do not donate to any political party. When I was asked to donate, I said, 'Get the f*** off my property,'" he said.

McAfee and the show's anchor immediately apologized for the slip.

The founder of the McAfee anti-virus company has been on the run from local police since Nov. 11 when his neighbor, Greg Faull, was found shot in the head. Though he has not been formally charged with the crime and is only wanted for questioning, McAfee has maintained his innocence and claims that he will be killed if he is taken into custody.

But running from the authorities doesn't mean McAfee has been keeping quiet. He gave his first broadcast interview to ABC News earlier this month and has since spoken with a number of major news outlets, most recently today's chat with CNBC.

The 67-year-old also started a blog a few days after his run began, and in it he describes the elaborate disguises he uses to hide from police in plain sight and conduct his own investigation into Faull's murder.

"My safety is contingent on the truth being discovered," McAfee wrote in the blog. As of the publication of this report, the blog appeared to be suffering technical issues.

Today McAfee said he is beginning to run out of money and is having trouble getting cash from a bank in Belize "oddly enough." But still, he said he has no plans to leave the small Central American country.

"Everything I have is here in Belize," he said.

After hearing some of McAfee's public statements in the early days of his flight from the authorities, Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow said the American expat seemed "extremely paranoid" and "bonkers."

"They may call me as they wish," McAfee told ABC News earlier this month. "I do not intend to turn myself in, no matter what they call me."