Instagram Art: Brock Davis' Whimsical iPhone Photos

Brock Davis finds happiness in transforming everyday items into art, with a touch of whimsy. He looks at mundane objects with a different eye than most people and documents what he sees with his iPhone and the Instagram app.

Cake Ramp

"I think everyday objects, like a spider's web, a piece of gum, a head of cauliflower, all have creative potential inside of them," says Davis.


When Davis isn't busy making ads he's working on other things like his "Make Something Cool Every Day" project, and T-shirt designs for his line of kid's tees.

Clean Shaven

Baby Praying Mantis

Cotton Ball Cloud

At Ease Soldier

Bosc Pear


Fire on Hand Island

Gingershred Man

Peeing Honey Bear

#1 Carrot

Gravy Lake


This Fell From the Cheeseburger Tree

Hot Dog

Brock Davis is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist and an advertising creative director. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Alyn and their two children.