Church of Scientology International Statement Concerning Lawrence Wright's Book

January 16, 2013

Church of Scientology International Statement Concerning Lawrence Wright's book

British and Canadian publishers chose not to print Mr. Wright's book, which speaks volumes about their confidence in its facts and allegations. Mr. Wright ignored the real story of Scientology in favor of stale allegations and ever-changing bizarre tales invented by a handful of confessed liars consumed with their media smear campaign. Mr. Wright could have chosen to write a serious, objective and fair book on Scientology and its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, that also would document the religion's growth worldwide as well as its involvement in such causes as human rights and the fight against drug abuse. Instead, Mr. Wright took the easy path and produced what amounts to a work of fiction filled with errors. This could have been avoided if instead of asking us six times about the brand of cigarettes L. Ron Hubbard smoked, he took us up on our offers made in 15 separate letters to assist him in fact checking his book. If Mr. Wright wanted to call his book "A Diatribe on Scientology Through the Minds of a Posse of Lunatics" that would have been fine with us and we wouldn't have complained.

Millions of Scientologists around the world embrace the religion. Twelve new Churches of Scientology, known as Ideal Organizations, opened across the world just in 2012 and our humanitarian programs are bringing help to thousands of people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

To find out the true story of Scientology and its Founder, one can visit,, or one can read Mr. Hubbard's books, which are available worldwide. Karin Pouw Public Affairs Director