Prince Harry's War Games Trigger Backlash

(Image Credit: John Stillwell/AP Photo)

Prince Harry is the subject of new security concerns as a possible high-value target for the Taliban after he suggested that he has killed insurgents in Afghanistan.

"Take a life to save a life. That's what we revolve around, I suppose," Harry said to reporters recently. "If there are people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game, I suppose."

Much of the controversy comes from the 28-year-old prince's comments comparing his job of flying Apache attack helicopters to his love of video games.

"I am one of these people who like playing Play Station and Xbox, so with my thumbs I would like to think that I am quite useful," he said.

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In response, the Afghan government Monday said that likening his weapons systems to computer games gives the Taliban a propaganda victory.

The Taliban called Harry a coward and accused him of developing a mental problem during his four-month tour of duty.

"Now this Prince comes and compares this war with his games, PlayStation or whatever he calls it," the Taliban said in a statement. "He is supposed to be made of better things."

The British press is also panning the prince, with one newspaper calling him a royal misfit, and another telling Harry to muzzle himself, guard his tongue and learn how to speak more like royalty.