Wheelchair Dance: Paraplegic Finds Family in Recovery

Courtesy Matthew Castelluccio

After a tragic motorcycle accident that left then 26-year-old Matthew Castelluccio a paraplegic, his dreams of marriage and children seemed completely out of reach. But in one of life's little twists of fate, the accident that threatened to steal Matt's dreams made them come true.

During his treatment Castelluccio met Elaine Defrancesco, Director of Adaptive Sports at Helen Hayes Hospital in New York. His spirit and unwillingness to let his accident define him moved Defrancesco to fall in love.

The couple was married. Shortly after telling their story to "20/20? - which focuses on Castelluccio's involvement with Roll Call Wheelchair Dance, a nonprofit that helps the disabled through dance - they shared more great news. They welcomed twin boys, Robert James and Dominic Michael, to their family in April.

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