A World Reflected: Alain Laboile

"The Defining Touch" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

It started off as place for his children to play and quickly grew into a source of inspiration. French artist Alain Laboile found a simplistic beauty within the reflections made on the top of a man-made pool near his home in France.

Using his children as models and some of his sculptures as props, Laboile was able to capture images that leave the viewer in a surreal world. No need for Instagram or Hipstamatic. The sky and natural world become the filters for these striking images.

Laboile was born in Bordeaux, started as a sculptor working with iron and only recently started in photography as a way to document the lives of his six children. His published work " Waiting for the Postman" and his current series "Reflections Around the Pool" can be viewed through his Flickr stream.

Here is just a selection from "Reflections Around the Pool":

Untitled from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Kite Welding" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Child with Three Chickens" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Three Heads Are Better Than One?" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Rocket Man" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Fishing" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Giant Ants" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

"Hanging Around" from "Reflections Around the Pool."

These are just a selection of the images taken by Alain Laboile. For more of these images and his other works, you can visit his website.