Al Qaeda's Tips for Avoiding Drones: Russian Tech, Decoys, Trees

After years of al Qaeda commanders and operators hearing the final whistle of a drone strike seconds before meeting their end, the terror group has developed a bag of tricks for dodging death from above, according to documents recently recovered by a Western news organization.

Today the Associated Press published a list of 22 anti-drone "tactics" that the news outlet said was found in a manila envelope on the floor of a building in Mali that was formerly held by al Qaeda's North Africa affiliate, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM.

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The tips, as translated by the AP, range from the obvious - "When discovering a drone is after a car, leave the car immediately…" - to the wily - "[Make] formations of fake gatherings [by] using dolls and statues to be placed outside… to mislead the enemy."

The list also urges the militants to purchase commercial-grade Russian signals interception equipment to try and spy on the drones, hiding under tree cover, putting reflective glass on car roofs - and setting up sniper teams to shoot down low-flying drones.

The list is signed June 17, 2011 and the AP reported it has previously been posted on jihadi forums online.

CLICK HERE to read the full drone dodging tipsheet from the AP (PDF).