Utah Family Films Their Own Plane Crash

In a shaken yet somewhat confident tone, Jonathan Fielding told the camera, "This is kind of exciting. I'm not worried. I think we're going to be just fine."

Fielding, 28, was capturing video of his flight's emergency landing in the snowy Utah countryside with his cellphone while he and his family were seated passengers. It's not clear when the aborted flight occurred, but Fielding posted the video on YouTube Feb. 6.

Jonathan was taking his wife Kara out for a birthday flight with their 7-month-old son Jacob and Kara's mother, when the pilot told them there was ice on the plane's carburetor.

Though the pilot made an attempt at a safe landing, Fielding said, "Snow caused the landing gear to sever from the plane, flipping the plane front to back and smashing the tail before it came to a rest upside down," according to the account on his YouTube post.

The video's calm opening quickly turned to tumult when the flipped plane slid into the snowy ground.

"I got Jacob. He's fine," exclaimed Fielding.

Fielding, who could not be reached by ABC News, regrabbed his thrown cellphone, still recording, and crawled outside of the plane with his family. "So, we have just survived a crash landing," he told the camera.

Image credit: ABC News

The crashed birthday flight was Kara Fielding's first time flying. When Jonathan asked his wife if she'd ever fly again, she replied, "Yeah."

Last month ABC News reported on another couple's frightening flight caught on video.

Kerin and Jonathan Narcisse were exchanging wedding vows on a hot air balloon ride when they and the rest of the wedding party suddenly began to fall from the sky.

The balloon's descent, also capture by a cellphone camera, ended in a crash landing. No one was seriously injured.