Pepper Spray Mix-Up at JFK Sends Six TSA Agents to Hospital

Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A TSA agent delayed security checks at John F. Kennedy International Airport after he mistakenly shot himself and five other agents with pepper spray.

The security agent, Christ-Yves Dabel, 27, of Brooklyn, N.Y., "found the canister on the floor and thought it was a laser pointer," reported the New York Post.

"Officers were examining an abandoned item to determine its contents and to move it out of harm's way when it accidentally discharged," said the TSA in a statement to

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"Out of an abundance of caution," added the TSA, all six security officers were transported to a Queens, N.Y., hospital early Tuesday morning. No travelers were exposed to the spray, the agency said.

ABC News' calls to Dabel were not immediately returned.