Artist Turns Trash Into Michelangelo

For Dutch artist Diet Wiegman everyday objects have been something to behold. For over 30 years he's turned trash and other found materials into beautiful sculptures through light and shadow. The inspiration came one day from a walk along a trash-laden shoreline. Since then, Wiegman has been turning objects into works of art, challenging social issues and tricking the eye. Sometimes it's common household trash used to portray Michelangelo's David, as in David Deformed, 1983. Other times it's money making a commentary on the dispersing of wealth in society by using coins to form a shadow sculpture of Farnese Atlas , in Atlas Off Balance. But no matter how you look at these sculptures, one thing is clear, Wiegman has made trash beautiful.

David Deformed, 1983

Atlas Off Balance

Shadow Dancing, 2008

Venus On Fire, 1985

Shadow Out Of Shadow, 1986

Greedy Consumption, 1993

Dutch Landscape, 1987

Rembrandt Illuminated, 2005

To view these and more of Diet Wiegman's light sculptures visit his website for more information. All images © The Diet Wiegman Archive 1965-2013