4-Year-Old Boy Appointed Mayor of Dorset, Minn.

Tamie Fairbanks/Little Hawk Photography

They say good things come in small packages.

And for the tiny town of Dorset, Minn., that certainly proves true, as their current mayor and indisputable head honcho, is a 4-year-old named Bobby Tufts.

Each year, Dorset selects its mayor by pulling a random name out of a hat during the annual "Taste of Dorset" festival, after residents from in and around the area pay $1 to enter the drawing. Obviously there are no age restrictions, and last August when Tufts was first appointed at only 3 years old, he had his eyes on the prize.

"We campaigned," Bobby's mother, Emma Tufts, told " Good Morning America." "He had a campaign poster and all the restaurants, especially the Dorset House, were pushing it."

Word quickly spread among the small town's 20 to 30 residents, many of whom gladly entered Bobby's name to earn him a better chance at the mayoral seat. And, much to the pint-sized boy's amusement, it actually paid off.

"It's just natural for him," Emma Tufts, 34, said. "As far as being shy, it's just not in nature."

Bobby's duties don't include much while overseeing the friendly small town, which jokingly calls itself the "Restaurant Capital of the World," lined with boardwalks, porch swings and flower baskets.

"Mostly it's just going to daycare and schmoozing with the girls," his mom said. "But he did the Governor's Fishing Opener, and he loves meeting and greeting people at the restaurants. He greets everyone."

Bobby understands his time as mayor is coming to an end in August, and as far any plans to run again in the future, his mom isn't so sure.

"Maybe. We'll see. He's got a younger brother that may run," she joked.