Man Tracks Down Couple from Mysterious Mountaintop Proposal

Courtesy Geoff Parker

The popular lyric, "Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from you," certainly rings true for this newly engaged couple, after Mel Reyes proposed to Jordie Egbert high atop Rattlesnake Ridge, a mountain ridge in North Bend, Wash., on May 8.

Little did the happy couple know, however, that Geoff Parker, a complete stranger, was capturing their special moment on camera from the other side of a valley hundreds of feet away. Parker and his wife were taking a hike to celebrate their own wedding anniversary when they noticed Reyes take a bended knee.

"We just hiked the trail and I always have my camera with me," Parker, 34, of Seattle, Wash., told "We got to the top of the summit and were looking out over. It was a really foggy day. My wife yelled from behind, 'Hey, look over there.' Down a little further was this couple. I took a couple photos, and then they stood up and hugged and kissed."

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With such a beautiful landscape surrounding an even more beautiful moment, Parker figured it was a photograph the couple would want to cherish forever. So he took to social media in an attempt to track down the lovebirds.

"I posted it on Facebook first. They got a pretty big response from my friends, and a couple more people shared it," said Parker. "Then, I put it on Instagram the next weekend. That's when it blew up."

It only took a few days before the photos caught Egbert's attention.

"I was hanging out at my mom's house and my sister came running over to me," said Egbert, 21, of Puyallup, Wash. "A family friend of ours that lives in Washington, her friend that lives in Germany had re-posted it not knowing who I was. People were just posting it trying to find me."

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Once Egbert realized how much effort Parker had gone through to get the photos to their rightful owner, she immediately contacted him.

"She sent me a really sweet email thanking me so much for the images and for trying so hard to find them. She cried all day," Parker said.

Although Parker has received some criticism for intruding on the couple's intimate moment, Egbert couldn't be happier that he did.

"He said he doesn't have that kind of picture from when he proposed," said Egbert. "He has the memory in his head, but nothing concrete to show from it. To him, it was something special. He was living through us. He wanted at least someone to have a picture of that special memory. It was a good gesture. He did it for us. That is so cool."