Our Malibu Beaches App Makes Those Beaches Public Again

For beachgoers in Malibu, Calif., finding a place on the beach can be a constant and frustrating prospect.

Malibu's oceanfront properties are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and surprisingly, the beaches are all open to the public.

But certain tactics by a few Malibu homeowners might make beachgoers believe otherwise, said Jenny Price, an environmental writer.

Image credit: Getty Images

"Signage is a big problem," she said. "There are also orange cones that are used to block access points. There are even some properties that put out fake garage doors that aren't actually connected to anything. They are just there to block access points and parking spots."

But, yes, there's now an app for finding that perfect stretch of sand. Our Malibu Beaches, developed by Escape Apps in partnership with Price, helps beach lovers locate access points, parking and the perfect space to set up on the beach. Price said that they want to expand it from just iPhones to Androids as well.

"It gives you all the information you actually need to find these beaches and go on them comfortably," said Price.

Price said the partners hoped to offer the app, which comes out next week, free for download throughout the summer. If their Kickstarter campaign succeeds, they can offer the app free for longer.