TRANSCRIPT: The Family at the Center of an Iconic Image from Oklahoma Speaks First to ABC's Diane Sawyer (WATCH)

Diane Sawyer spoke with the family at the center of an iconic image from Moore, Oklahoma - a photo that was featured on the cover of The Oklahoman on Tuesday.

The Cobb family - Steve, LaDonna, and their 9 year daughter Jordan - shared their story for the first time in an interview that aired Tuesday, May 21 on a special edition of "ABC World News with Diane Sawyer."

Steve Cobb: I just tried to be the best dad that I could at that time and I wanted her to feel like she was safe and that we were all going to be okay. I wished I could have split myself into two and stayed there and try to kind of help out some of those other kids because I can imagine how they were feeling at that time, when their parents weren't there, they're kind of wandering around. It's like you're in a movie and it's like everybody's playing a part and we're all acting or something like that - it's just not - it doesn't seem real to you that this is occurring.

Diane Sawyer: And Jordan -

Jordan Cobb: Yes?

Diane Sawyer: How long did that tornado seem to last for you?

Jordan Cobb: Forever. It seemed like it was an hour. Like, it was crazy, I mean, I can't even believe we survived that.

LaDonna Cobb: I was just grabbing onto whatever I could. Once the roof lifted off the building I felt myself being sucked and I knew that if I was taken, then all the little babies underneath me would be gone too, and so I just held on. I held on for dear life until the wall fell on top of me and knocked me out.

I couldn't leave the other kids. They all are special to me and I couldn't leave them and I wanted my family to be safe but I also wanted everyone else's family to be safe too.

Diane Sawyer: What was the hardest moment for you, Jordan?

Jordan Cobb: Just - when I tried to get up, I tried to move the bricks off of my leg and it hurt so much and I was like, and the tornado had not left yet, I was just screaming help my leg my leg and no one could hear me.

Diane Sawyer: Because it was so loud?

Jordan Cobb: Yeah.

Diane Sawyer: and what's the most important thing about family to you?

Jordan Cobb: That we're always there for each other, that we love each other, would take care of each other. And that we believe in each other no matter what.