Arizona Teen Breaks Feet Jumping to Pool From House Roof

An Arizona mom has been chastised after posting a video of her teenage daughter jumping from the house roof onto cement, missing the swimming pool a few inches away.

Carrie Yunker said she had hoped to raise funds for daughter Nicole after the injury.

"The website wants to take down the page because it has been reported as fraud," Yunker of Show Low, Ariz., told ABC News.

In early May, Nicole and her roommates jumped from the roof of their house into the pool. Nicole appeared hesitant to jump, but took the leap anyway. She landed short of the pool and directly onto the cement. She broke both of her feet and might need multiple surgeries.

That's when Carrie Yunker created the webpage - June 3 - on after concerns that her teenage daughter wouldn't be able to work. She had hoped to raise up to $4,200.

"A lot of people say I'm begging for money, but that was never what I tried to do," the mother said. "I set up a webpage for family and friends to help her out, but they took down the video from the site."

Yunker has been criticized for asking for money for her daughter's poor judgment. People have flooded Yunker with negative messages since the video caught on.

So far, Yunker has only received $400 in donations since posting the video. While Nicole had a full-time job, she had no health insurance and has since been added to her dad's health insurance plan.

"I was personally attacked for my past and I even got a death threat," Carrie Yunker said.

Nicole was expected to go into surgery today, and her recovery time could be anywhere from six months to a year.

"Nicole realizes she made a mistake and she is in a lot of pain," Yunker said. "I will take pictures of her at the hospital to show that this is not fraud."

Carrie Yunker/YouTube