Man Finds Second Vintage Superman Comic in Old Home; 1st Comic Fetched $175K at Auction

The 1938 Superman comic that a Minnesota contractor found stuffed inside the walls of a dilapidated home has been auctioned for $175,000, and it seems the contractor's lucky streak is going strong.

David Gonzalez bought the run-down home to renovate it, and while he was working on the house, he found a rare copy of Action Comics No. 1 - which introduced the iconic Man of Steel to the world - inside the walls as part of the home's insulation. The comic went on auction last month, and sold Tuesday for $175,000.

Gonzalez was calm when he talked about the auction Wednesday night, and then he told that he had found a second Action Comics issue featuring Superman while he was working on the house Tuesday. The second comic was also hidden in the walls of the house, he said.

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Gonzalez doesn't yet know whether it's worth as much as his first find, which sustained some damage when an eager relative handled it too roughly, ripping the back cover.

"We know it's a Superman issue, we just don't know what issue," Gonzalez, 35, said of the second comic. "I know it's the one [of Superman] fighting with the dinosaurs."

The first comic was put up for auction at, which will get a 10 percent commission of the final auction price.

Vincent Zurzolo, the chief operations officer for Comic Connect, said the final bid exceeded his expectations. He'd anticipated it would sell for about $150,000.

"The buyer's happy, the seller's happy, we're happy, everybody's happy," Zurzolo said, adding that there had been 51 bids on the comic since it was offered for auction last month.

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Gonzalez, a married father of four from Hoffman, Minn., paid $10,100 for the house where he found the comic.

A nearby restaurant had wanted to buy the vacant home for $10,000 in order to knock it down and build a parking lot. Gonzalez saw a renovation opportunity and outbid the restaurant by $100.

He said he doesn't plan a big spending spree. He plans to invest his winnings in his children's education and possibly buy another house to renovate. He also said he plans to donate $10,000 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Gonzalez has been thinking about buying his dream car - a 1992 Chevrolet Camaro IROC - but he's not sure about that.

"I'll think about it," he said. "Man, my kids are going to need that money in the future."