Significant Numbers in the George Zimmerman Trial

ABC News

The most important number in the George Zimmerman trial is likely the number 6 - the number of jurors who will decide whether he is guilty or innocent of 2nd degree murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

But there are other significant numbers surrounding the case:

One: A single bullet fired from George Zimmerman's Kel-tec 9 pistol killed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012.

Two: The number of state's attorneys who have worked on this. First, Seminole County State's Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who asked to be recused from the case on March 22. On that day Clay County State Attorney Angela Corey took over.

Five: Notable professional casualties of the Zimmerman saga: Zimmerman's first two attorneys, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, quit after Zimmerman refuses to take their phone calls.

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee who was let go by the city on June 20.

Detective Chris Serino, lead investigator, moved to patrol, night shift.

Sanford PD spokesman David Morgenstern removed from his spokesman duties.

Ten: That's how many dollars were mentioned in Zimmerman's jail house phone conversation with his wife, Shellie. Apparently it was code for $10,000 or the amount Zimmerman allegedly told his wife, in code, to remove from their bank account. "You're going to take out $10 and put it, and keep it with you, in cash, right?" Zimmerman asks his wife, Shellie, in one conversation. Zimmerman and his wife were accused of hiding assets during a bail hearing.

Forty-five: The number of days between Martin's shooting and charges filed against Zimmerman

Ninety: That's how many seconds elapsed between the end of Zimmerman's call to 911 about a suspicious person and the first 911 from a witness complaining about a fight.

Two Hundred: That's how many potential defense witnesses could take the stand during the trial.

One Million: That's dollars, the amount of bail set by Judge Kenneth Lester after Zimmerman and his wife were allegedly caught trying to hide from the court money donated to them during previous bail hearing.