'Star Wars' AT-AT Walkers Attack Horrified Wedding Party in Viral Photo

It seems we have a new wedding trend on our hands.

First, there was the terrified wedding party that was being chased by a giant T-Rex through a St. Francisville, La., ceremony venue.

Now, the bar has been raised to a galaxy far, far away, as a new viral photo has emerged of a wedding party in Toronto being chased by a group of "Star Wars" Imperial AT-AT walkers, which are four-legged combat vehicles.

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"I'm a secret nerd," the bride, Leslie Seiler, said today on " GMA Live!."

The couple's wedding photographers, Danielle and Tony Lombardo of Little Blue Lemon Photography, had seen the T-Rex wedding photo and decided to give it a try.

"He knew we were big 'Star Wars' fans, and he said he'd seen the T-Rex photo and wanted to try it with the AT-ATs," Seiler said. "And were like, 'Absolutely, let's do it.' The AT- ATs were perfect for us, because I'm a huge 'Star Wars' buff. We have the 'Star Wars' Trivial Pursuit game at home and I'm pretty unbeatable."

"We loved the idea so we just said, 'Let's go for it,'" added the groom, Paul Kingston.

In order to capture the perfect moment, the wedding party had to stop traffic on the avenue outside their wedding venue, the Eglinton Grand, in Toronto on May 31.