"ABC's THE LOOKOUT" Airs Wednesday, July 10 at 10 pm on ABC

On The Lookout for Love… What You Need to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring; Plus "ABC's The Lookout" Goes to Bridal Bootcamp and Taste Tests for the Best Piece of Wedding Cake

"ABC's The Lookout" is a survival guide to the modern consumer jungle, offering a mix of compelling undercover investigations and lively dispatches about how you spend your money. Featuring smart reporting from ABC's powerhouse team of correspondents, "ABC's The Lookout" covers the trends and products that obsess Americans, offering tips along the way about how to maximize value, and avoid costly mistakes. "ABC's The Lookout" airs on Wednesday, July 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Before you spend anything, "ABC's The Lookout's" team will do whatever it takes to get more out of your money. Reports airing on Wednesday, July 10 include:

  • The Ring: It might be the most important decision one makes before popping the question - buying that diamond engagement ring. Dan Harris went undercover in New York's famous diamond district to see how upfront jewelers would be about the diamonds they sold us. What many consumers may not realize is that some diamond rings are "clarity enhanced" which means that cracks inside the diamond have been treated. Would sellers fully explain this to us when we asked? Not always, we found. .

  • Bridal Boot Camp: "ABC's The Lookout" follows three brides as they take on Bridalicious Boot Camp in Dallas, Texas, to lose that excess weight before their special wedding day. We see their hurdles, frustrations, workouts, dress fittings - and finally, weddings. Cecilia Vega unveils who lost the most weight, and who won a special prize.

  • The Cake Test: Big box supermarkets are now in the wedding cake business, but how do they stack up? "ABC's The Lookout" put a cake from big box store Safeway to the taste against a cake baked by a high-end NY cake master, and a Betty Crocker cake baked by an ABC News assistant. Paula Faris travelled the cake slices across the country to a special group of cake experts - the famed Chippendales dancers in Las Vegas, a woman who jumps out of a cake in New Orleans, the teeny pageant queen also in Vegas, and competitive eater Eater X in NYC. Who won the very unscientific taste test?

Jeanmarie Condon is executive producer. David Scott is senior broadcast producer.

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