Couple and Newborn in Recovery After Lightning Strike

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend who were struck by lightning, which induced an emergency birth of their baby girl, are recovering from their injuries and have been released from the hospital in New Mexico, according to the Albuquerque Fire Department.

The fire department found Ian Gordon and Kendra Villanueva lying on the ground by a tree on the evening of July 4, disoriented after they were struck by lightning during a rainstorm.

"They were in the driveway between a large tree and a car," recalled Ryan Hodick, an EMS fellow with the Albuquerque Fire Department who assisted the couple at the scene of the incident. "They were not moving much, both of them were very confused."

Villanueva, who was 38 weeks pregnant, had an emergency C-section, and gave birth to a baby girl, Kimberly Gordon.

The baby is being closely watched by doctors, KOAT reported.

Gordon suffered from a ruptured eardrum and is using a cane to restore his balance, according to KOAT. Villanueva, according to KOAT, woke up bleeding from her hand.

Honick said both were released from the hospital on July 6.

Neither Villanueva nor Gordon returned calls to ABC News for comment.

On July 6, Villanueva wrote on her Facebook: "What a fouth of july got hit with lighting now in the hospital … i hope my baby is going to start doing better alot of electricity for a little baby "

She also wrote that the hospital "delivered [the baby] right away and it hit me and my boyfriend we are both in hospital almost died"

Honick told ABC News that between 1960 and 2002, there were only 11 reports of pregnant women getting struck by lightning. Approximately half of the cases resulted in miscarriages, he said.