Teen in Parasailing Accident Out of Hospital

Alexis Fairchild (left) and Sidney Good, both 17, were injured while parasailing on July 1. Credit: WMBB

One of the two girls seriously injured in a parasailing accident in Panama City, Fla., was released from the hospital today.

Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, both 17, were injured while parasailing on July 1 in an incident caught on camera. The pair, who were parasailing in tandem, slammed into the side of two buildings and hit a power line before hitting a parked car on the ground.

Michael Fairchild, Alexis Fairchild's father, said he was grateful for his daughter's fast recovery, reported ABC News affiliate in Panama City, WMBB.

"I'm just so happy where Alexis is today. Even the doctors have said they can't believe with the injury that Alexis had, that she's up walking as soon as she is," Fairchild said. "I mean, without the prayers, I just don't know where we'd be at today. Because, I think God had a lot to do with this. Not only the doctors and nurses. We had Him on our side."

Fairchild will continue her rehabilitation at a hospital in Indianapolis. She suffered a broken back and head trauma.

"Alexis has improved enough to be released from Bay Medical. The Fairchilds left early this morning to drive to Indianapolis where Alexis will continue her rehabilitation at a hospital there," Bay Medical released in a statement today.

The girls have been able to see each other since the accident.

"Alexis has visited Sidney's room several times and even ventured down to the gift shop for a little shopping. Sidney recognized Alexis yesterday and was visibly happy to see her when Alexis came to visit," the hospital said in a statement yesterday.

Good will remain in the hospital and undergo reconstructive surgery to repair fractures in her face.

"Nurses were hopeful yesterday that they would be able to get Sidney up and walking soon, but after an examination with the attending ENT yesterday afternoon it was decided that it is too soon for her to get up and move around," Bay Medical said today.

There are currently no specific regulations for parasailing in Florida, Florida state senator Maria Sachs told ABC News last week. She says she won't stop until a bill is passed to change that. Boaters only need to follow the Coast Guard's rules of having a safe water craft and captain's license. A bill died in the Florida House two months ago that would have put strict regulation on parasailing, including requiring insurance, ensuring safe weather conditions and regulations on the parasailing equipment.