Burglar With a Fashion Sense Tunnels into LA Clothing Store

ABC News' Daniel Rapaport reports:

A burglar with a flair for fashion tunneled into a trendy Hollywood clothing store and left with $8,000- worth of high-end clothes.

Kitson, an upscale boutique located on Robertson Boulevard in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, is frequented by many celebrities and has separate stores for men, women and children. The break-in occurred Wednesday evening at the men's store and was discovered when Kitson personnel noticed a gaping hole in the wall and missing clothing the next morning.

"It was the L.A. version of 'Shawshank Redemption,'" said Mark Tyler, director of stores for Kitson LA. "We thought we were well prepared for this, but I guess not."

Suspect cut through drywall of a public bathroom behind the store, took $8,000 worth of clothes. ABC News photo.

The burglar made it in and out of the boutique despite infrared cameras and an advanced alarm system in place to protect the store's pricey merchandise.

"He literally tunneled through the walls, so he didn't go through a window or door," Tyler said. "Crazy stuff."

Police were alerted early Thursday of the incident and are investigating.

"We got a call on Thursday morning about a burglary at a clothing store the previous evening," Sgt. Lance Eddins of the West Hollywood Police Department said. "The suspect somehow put a hole in one of the walls of a restroom that shared a wall with the store. He likely used construction equipment."

The burglar apparently has very specific fashion taste. He targeted Brian Lichtenberg's Homies line and made away with more than $8,000-worth of clothes, officials said.

A clear picture of the suspect was caught on camera, police said.

Will Kitson take any additional security measures beyond cameras and an alarm to protect against similar heists?

"I guess we could reinforce the walls," Peters said.