Man Rides Horse Into a Bar, Lassos Patron, Gets Arrested

Jeremy Mouton was arrested after allegedly riding a horse into a bar in Scott, La. (Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office)

A resident of Scott, La., who apparently took the town's slogan of "Where the West begins" to heart, was arrested after he allegedly rode a horse into a local bar and lassoed a patron.

Jeremy Mouton, 26, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly taking a horse from a trailer and riding it through the Cowboy Saloon twice before lassoing a patron and pulling him through the parking lot, police said. Mouton was arrested on charges including disturbing the peace, second-degree battery and public intimidation and retaliation.

According to the arrest affidavit, Mouton became "highly intoxicated" at the Cowboy Saloon then went outside and unloaded a horse from a nearby trailer. Mouton took a couple of laps around the bar and parking lot before leaving.

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When Mouton rode through the bar for a second time, another patron grabbed the horse's reins to lead Mouton back outside to await police.

But Mouton lassoed another man and pulled him through the parking lot before riding off the premises to his home, according to the police report. After the police arrived, Mouton came back to the bar as well-this time on foot-and hid until the police found and arrested him.

Chad Leger, chief of the Scott Police Department, said the story was "a little like the beginning of a joke," and not something he had ever had to deal with before.

"[It's] kind of an ironic situation," said Leger of how Mouton's actions reflected on the town's slogan. "We're going to go back to the days of John Wayne [with this story.]"

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