'Nurse-In' Set After Breastfeeding Dispute Video Goes Viral

Moms in Burleson, Texas, are planning a "nurse-in" to protest the actions of a local recreation center employee who told a breastfeeding woman she had to cover up.

Video of Lucy Eades arguing with an unidentified employee, as Eades nursed her 16-day-old baby, went viral last week, drawing more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Eades was waiting for her older daughter to finish a dance class at the Burleson Recreation Center, when she was approached by the employee and asked to cover herself while nursing her baby. Eades correctly argued that Texas state law allows her to breastfeed in public, with or without a cover.

Breastfeeding Cover Mom Responds to Critics

Eades had already been approached by the woman once before, which is why she asked her husband to record their second encounter.

Local moms were so outraged by how Eades was treated they're planning a "nurse-in" at the recreation center on Saturday, with more than 300 expected participants.

Eades, who has four children, said she remains a fierce breastfeeding advocate. "This is normal. This is what breasts are for," said Eades.

The city of Burleson released a statement Friday defending the actions of the recreation center employee.

"There is nothing in the law that prohibits the city from requiring a mother to cover up," the statement reads. "The city did not attempt to prohibit breastfeeding and we fully support the freedom of mothers to breastfeed as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's freedom."

All 50 states allow mothers to breastfeed with or without a cover.