The Cameras are Rolling as "Would You Fall for That?" Embarks on an Entertaining Adventure Examining Human Behavior

Would you follow your instincts, or would you follow the herd? From the creators of "What Would You Do?" comes "Would You Fall for That?" - a one hour show that takes eye-opening and sometimes head-scratching psychological experiments out of the classroom and into the real world. "Would You Fall for That?" secretly transforms public parks, art galleries, tourist attractions and other everyday locations into settings for social experiments that reveal the often funny and provocative ways the human mind can play tricks on us. Anchored by ABC News Correspondent Nick Watt, and featuring comedians Scott Rogowsky and Sasheer Zamata, "Would You Fall for That?" asks and answers some of the most mind boggling questions about human behavior. "Would You Fall for That?" airs Friday, August 9 (9:00 - 10:00 pm ET) on the ABC Television Network.

On the August 9 th episode:

  • Anchors Away: Nick Watt is playing an all familiar role of a news anchor. Yet, this time, there is a catch. Can he convince unsuspecting passersby in Washington Square Park in New York that he needs them to sit in for his expert who is running late? How far can Nick push their limits?
  • Change Blindness: People often fail to notice change when it happens right in front of them. To demonstrate, "Would You Fall for That?" tests visitors to the Intrepid aircraft carrier to see if they will notice when we switch out one person for another after participating in a power of memory experiment.
  • Stop Eating: What would you do if an authority figure came between you and your lunch? Would you put on a suit jacket to eat at a hot dog joint? Would you stop eating a sandwich mid bite just because a red light told you not to eat? "Would You Fall for That?" tests to see if people will obey authority figures even in the most absurd circumstances.
  • Dirty Diaper: Social science tells us that when the price tag is zero, rational behavior goes out the window. So "Would You Fall for That" set out to test the power of free to its very limits, setting up a promotional event giving away free ice cream to passersby in a Brooklyn park. The catch? All the chocolate ice cream you can eat as long as you eat it from a "recycled" diaper. Will people really take anything for free?
  • Designated Lanes: What if a fake park ranger asks pedestrians to walk on one side of the bridge because of their hair color, relationship status or height? Will people obey his outrageous orders just because he is an authority figure?
  • Elevator: Will people conform to group dynamics? If we face the back of the elevator, will they do the same? What if we start dancing? Or sit on the floor? "Would You Fall for That?" tests the Asch Paradigm to see how far people will go to feel like a member of the group.

Danielle Rossen is the executive producer of "Would You Fall for That?"

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